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Stephen Thomas

Hi to all team members and a big welcome to all new members.

I want to start with an exerpt from a recent email from Brian Rooney, co-owner of Trafficwave Autoresponder....

"Get your information in front of people so that they can make a decision about doing business with you.

That's it.

Notice I didn't say anything about "convincing" or "persuading" anyone to come to any particular decision.

Just like you, I have people that tell me "no".
Just like you, I have people that tell me "yes".
Just like you, I have people that lie to me. They say they will do this or that, but they never do.
Just like you, I have people that are lazy and want me to do the work for them.

Unlike most folks, however, I don't care.

I'm not worried about someone telling me "no".
I know this is a fact of life.

I'm not worried about someone telling me "yes".
They still have to prove they are going to actually do the work.

I'm not worried about people lieing to me.
Their lies don't actually cause me any damage. I just keep working.

I'm not worried about the lazy folks. They are all over the place in every company.
I still just focus on what I can do. And that is ....

Getting this information in front of as many people as I can so they can make a decision about doing business with me. "... Brian Rooney December 2014.

What Brian says makes a lot of sense and you would take great benefit from understanding what he just said.

Also remember that Team Elite is not for everyone, some people join, take a look, and decide it isn't for them and cancel their account. Do not become discouraged when this happens, it is totally normal. The main thing is to keep getting the information out to as many people as possible and let them come to their own decision about whether to join the team or not.

I know I have been telling you about our new team website a lot and yes it is taking longer than expected to get it up and running, but rest assured it is coming and we are working on filling it up with some awesome tools and training for all members to benefit from. Again you can look at the site here>> but do not join it, it is just the outside of the site for you to look at. I would hope we can have it ready for everyone early in the new year. Here are some of the great things we are adding to the inside of the members area.... A downline builder for traffic sites etc. A tracker/rotator. A splash page maker and that is just a small part of it, The site WILL be a GAMECHANGER and will also include training and a very inexpensive autoresponder, you will have all the tools needed to build your business at your fingertips.

One final thing, be patient,be persistant and never give up. Remember we have never told you that you "will get rich quick" or to expect spectacular results instantly. This is very much long term, steady growth and reliable income. If you are only interested in finding massive results fast with anything online then all I can say is good luck to you, the latest shiny thing you are looking at will "probably" not be the answer and be prepared to waste a lot of money and time chasing something that doesn't exist. Stick with Team Elite and take the time to learn "how it works", and "why it works", once you understand that, not only will you be able to build a GDI downline but you will have the skills/tools and mindset to be successful with any business venture.

Any questions or concerns get in touch with your team leader.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
GDI Team Elite is going to "ROCK" in 2015 !!!

All the best
Stephen Thomas