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December 4-10, 2017

Aloha Everyone!

Hope all is well and in good spirits! Wow!  Two more weeks and then Christmas will be here! Time flies!

Anyway, everyone did very well with their hit counts! This past week we got 5 (including 2 we got today) subscribers and 2 new members! Welcome to our GDI Team Elite Jean-Marie and Peter! You are all doing GREAT! Your hits counts are shown below. Keep Up The Good Work – Go Team!

New Ad Site (In case you missed it last week):

I am always finding good ways to advertise for our team and see that this is a pretty good ad site called The Downliner (TDL). It's an easy to use ad coop and has your site shown on 14,262 exchanges. I see that to date TDL has generated over 66 million real views to our members sites and blocked over 4 million bad sources of traffic mainly to increase our productivity. In addition they had delivered millions of banner views, text ads and to social posts. It is free to join and has an option to upgrade. If anyone wants to look into TDL here is my link for it:

Hit Counts:

Here are the hit counts from December 4 - 10, 2017 for all those who are generating hits. Members who have a hit count below 10 will not be posted at this time. All those in my group even with zero counts will still get the team emails as always and the stats will be reset every Sunday morning Hawaii time.

GDI User Names Listed Below:

eressie23 - 2940
gdi4profit - 1637
csan16ford - 2923
yurigrin4u - 1322
kenspayday17 - 188
sugarloaf16 - 134
wahinebiz - 4238
buenavida1 - 1568
thebizman1 - 768
mattu - 344
mmbiz - 2523
europeteam - New! 10
irich - 29
webuidforyou - 691
robbinsgditeamelite - 3196
dailyhustle - 1863
winwithworldwidewim - 2544

If you have trouble getting your 1000+ hits, you know what to do....just ask me or your direct sponsor for help. And remember that auto-surfing is not allowed simply because no one sees our ads. If no one sees them then no signups comes our way for us.

And Note: If you wish me not to continue sending these team emails to you then please let me know and I'll take you off the mailing list.


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